Sell Us Your Car in Lubbock, TX

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Sell Us Your Car in Lubbock, TX

You don't have to be a sales expert to sell your old car in Lubbock, TX. In fact, it hardly takes any effort at all, thanks to the staff here at Pollard Friendly Ford. Whether you're in the market to sell or trade-in your existing vehicle, we've got a few solutions to help you get maximum value for your old ride. Since our inventory is always changing, we're happy to help take your old car off your hands so that someone else in the area can get exactly what they're looking for.

Three Easy Steps to Sell Your Old Car

Here at Pollard Friendly Ford, our sales team will help sell your old car and give you cash. If you're shopping for something new and wish to put your credit towards your next vehicle purchase, we can arrange that as well! It starts with a quick appraisal from our team of experts to help determine what your old car is actually worth. Then, after filling out all of the required information, we'll need to see pictures of your vehicle. Afterward, pending an in-person inspection at our facility near Levelland, we'll reach out to you with an offer. 

Starting The Process

Step 1 - Vehicle Appraisal

Using our online appraisal tool, drivers from Brownfield can easily click to see how much your old car is worth. This step requires you to fill out all the required information on our website to ensure we have everything needed to give you an accurate estimate. We appraise a variety of vehicle makes and models, including pre-owned sedans, trucks, and SUVs!

Step 2 - Send Images

The next step is to send our team images of your vehicle. We like to take this time to look at your vehicle, and based on the information you gave us, go through and confirm that everything is correct. Doing this via phone or email is ideal as we're currently adopting new contactless practices to facilitate our customers best in Midland and beyond. Be diligent when taking photos and disclose important information regarding accident history and after-market add-ons.

Step 3 - Receive Offer

After a thorough review from our Pollard Friendly Ford sales team, we'll review your documentation and reach out to you with an offer. Depending on if you're looking to sell or trade-in, we'll provide you with an estimate that best suits your budget. Once you receive and accept our offer, we ask that you come into our shop and drop off your vehicle with us. The goal is to make this step as seamless and stress-free as possible, eliminating the need for waiting in any line at our dealership.

Get Full Value for Your Car in Amarillo, TX

Searching the area for a reliable buyer in Amarillo, TX, can be quite a challenge. It takes individual time and effort to interview candidates, meet with potential buyers, and then discuss payment transfer. To eliminate the stress attributed with selling your old car yourself, the experts at Pollard Friendly Ford are determined to help you out the best we can.

Got Questions? Please Contact Us

As we help you kickstart the car-selling process, we encourage drivers to please contact us with any questions. Our goal at Pollard Friendly Ford is to ensure that you have all the resources to help get full value for your old ride. Whether you're seeking a trade-in value or cash for your selling your old car, we're confident that we can help you take the next steps! For more information about our special promotions and to speak with a professional, please call or contact us online at Pollard Friendly Ford to get pre-approved in seconds. We look forward to meeting you!