Tire Service and Alignment in Lubbock, TX

Tire Rotations and Alignments in Lubbock, TX

Did you know that regularly performing tire rotations and wheel alignments can help you save money in the long run? Both rotations and alignments promote better stability and handling around town by helping tire tread wear evenly and ensuring wheels are pointed straight down the road. Learn more below, or schedule an appointment to experience why local drivers choose Pollard Auto Group in Lubbock, TX.

Signs You Need Tire Service

Just like the shoes you wear daily, the tires on your vehicle need to fit correctly, have the proper tread pattern, and have a suitable compound for the conditions. Some of the signs you may need to have your tires serviced or wheels aligned include:

  • Dry or cracked tires
  • Uneven tire treadwear occurs
  • Car pulls left or right on a straight road
  • Excessive vibration in the steering wheel
  • Steering wheel is off-center when traveling straight

What Happens During a Tire Rotation?

When you visit Pollard Auto Group for a tire rotation, our experienced technicians will change the position of each tire on your car, truck, or SUV. By repositioning the patterns between each corner of the vehicle, our team can help ensure equal wear occurs on the roads of Lubbock, TX.

The moment your vehicle rolls into our shop, our technicians look for signs of damaged or expired tires. After the initial inspection, our technicians will inflate your tires to the correct pressure levels, balance them to reduce road vibration, and rotate them to improve their lifespan. When receiving a tire rotation, it's recommended to have an alignment completed so you can experience optimal levels of tire longevity and stability.

What Does An Alignment Do?

While not directly related to wheels and tires, an alignment helps address imbalances in a vehicle's suspension components. When a technician performs an alignment, they'll use a specialized rack that measures your vehicle's camber, caster, and toe angles. After this initial preparation, our highly-trained mechanics will adjust various bolts or suspension settings that promote even tire wear and better contact with the road.

Benefits of Regular Tire Services

Having your tires rotated, balanced, and aligned regularly can help you improve the longevity of your tires and optimize fuel economy. In addition, quality tires can ensure your braking distances and steering response meet factory-like standards. When you regularly maintain the tires on your car, truck, or SUV, you'll have the peace of mind that you and your passengers are as safe as possible when rain or ice covers the road.

Another benefit to regular tire services is catching other service problems before they leave you stranded. Aging or underinflated tires are prone to blowouts which can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. On the other hand, regular inspections and maintenance can help you keep any warranties intact and ensure the value of your mobile asset is as high as possible.


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Why Choose Pollard Auto Group?

Pollard Auto Group is proud to provide top-tier automotive sales, finance, parts, and service to our local community of Lubbock, TX. Whether you're shopping our new Ford inventory or looking to maintain your current ride with parts and accessories, we'll be here to help with a can-do attitude. Learn more about our commitment to our customers by experiencing the difference our friendly and knowledgeable staff make.

Other Services We Commonly Perform

Are you looking to pair your tire rotation or suspension alignment with another seasonal service? Pollard Auto Group can perform service tasks on various vehicle makes and models. From preventative maintenance to complete overhauls, our team has the experience to get the job done right. Common service tasks we perform for local drivers include:

  • Brake System Repairs
  • Fluid and Filter Changes
  • Battery Tests and Replacement
  • Wiper Blade and Light Bulb Replacement

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Think your vehicle is ready for a rotation or alignment? Pollard Auto Group will be more than happy to get you back on the road in a safe and reliable vehicle. We provide local customers the ability to schedule a service appointment with ease by utilizing our online service inquiry form or calling our service department to speak with an advisor.

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